The future

Paper and fiber-based packaging is a natural and renewable material.  EPPA members are committed to sourcing it from sustainably managed forests that play an important role in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere through reforestation.

EPPA members believe that fiber-based packaging is integral to Europe’s modern food economy, which provides citizens with safe, high-quality and affordable food.  They also believe that fiber-based packaging can support the EU’s objectives to achieve carbon-neutrality within the framework of a circular economy by:

  •  Helping to decarbonize the food chain, keeping food waste to a minimum and substituting CO2 intensive materials with forest-based alternatives.
  • Reducing waste by working with policymakers and value chains to introduce 21st Century recycling systems.
  • Increasing circularity by working with policymakers and value chains to develop new secondary streams for recycled wood fiber.