Misguided theories put into practice: how plastic is making a comeback in France as the reusable container of choice
Since January 1, a new law fighting waste and requiring all quick-service restaurants serving more than 20 people in-store to use reusable packaging for their meals has come into force in France.
Meet Matti Rantanen - EPPA’s new Director General
2023 is a year of new beginnings. After spending some time as Managing Director of the Federation of envelopes, light packaging and e-commerce packaging in Europe (FEPE), I am delighted to now be appointed Director General of EPPA.
The paper packaging industry gears up for new challenges in 2023
The European Paper Packaging Alliance (EPPA) has this week welcomed a new President and Director General, as well as two new members, the Italian packaging companies, Medac and Burgo.
The PPWR proposal does not follow science, falls short on climate
(Brussels, 30 November 2022) — The European Paper Packaging Alliance (EPPA) is concerned about the proposal that the Commission put on the table today because it is not supported by scientific evidence and it is not focused on solutions that achieve the best environmental outcome. On the contrary, the proposal goes against the CO2 reduction target set by the Commission within the EU Green Deal and accelerates water stress and resource depletion.
Reusable containers for takeaway and delivery meals are less sustainable – new study
(Brussels, 17 November 2022) — Analysis of a new study by EPPA challenges the notion that reusable packaging is always a more sustainable solution than recyclable, single-use, paper-based packaging.
Commission must change course on reusable packaging demands – EPPA
(Brussels, 17 November 2022) — As the EU prepares to set strict new targets on packaging waste, a mounting body of evidence shows that proposed targets on reusables are unscientific, unsustainable and unnecessary.
Renewable packaging for a fossil-free Europe: Paper Packaging Day
Last week, Fibre Packaging Europe - our umbrella alliance - organised a discussion with key stakeholders about the revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) and the crucial role the paper packaging industry has to play in supporting the European Commission to reach its goal of a climate-neutrality by 2050.
PRESS RELEASE: New study shows that making reusable containers for takeaway obligatory will undermine the EU’s environmental goals
Obligatory reusable packaging in takeaway services would be more burdensome for the environment than continuing to use single-use paper-based packaging. This is the conclusion of a new meta-study assessment, commissioned by the European Paper Packaging Alliance and carried out by renowned engineering consultancy, Ramboll.