The European Paper Packaging Alliance (EPPA) is a not-for-profit association representing food and food service packaging companies from across Europe. EPPA’s priority is to provide paper-based low carbon and health-safe products with a low environmental impact and improved recycling solutions to the European population. EPPA supports science-based EU policies that foster sustainable and efficient use of resources, and recognises the major role that packaging, as an essential infrastructure, can play in that common objective. 

Food packaging

The basic function of food packaging is to protect the food from external factors, such as oxygen, water vapor or even light, so that it can be safely consumed. Packaging also provides consumers with important information, such as nutritional information, origin and safe handling instructions.

Food safety & food hygiene

Food packaging does much more than simply hold a product. It is a critical solution, keeping food safe and fresh, improving food quality, reducing food waste and increasing accessibility.  It also informs, providing nutritional information and telling us how to safely store and prepare the food

Sustainable Forests

Paper and fiber-based packaging is a natural and renewable material.  EPPA members are committed to sourcing it from sustainably managed forests that play an important role in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere through reforestation.

The European Paper Packaging Alliance’s priorities are to find concrete solutions to increase packaging recycling rate, in line with the new target established by EU Commission, and to reduce carbon emissions of food and foodservice packaging without compromising food safety and human health protection.

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"Food hygiene challenges in replacing single use food service ware with reusable food service items"

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